Independent Patients

What is independent treatment?

Independent treatment is for those patients who are not eligible for NHS treatment under the new government regulations which came into force on 1st April 2006. As a result, in certain mild cases where dental health is not affected, orthodontic treatment cannot be provided under the NHS.

Independent treatment is an NHS equivalent service enabling us to provide the same level of service that we would provide for our eligible NHS patients at roughly the same cost to the Government. The difference is that, rather than a third party paying for the treatment, it is paid for by the parent / guardian. Availability of appointments, use of materials and systems will be similar to those provided under the NHS. There are instances where the choice of a particular brace may be more advantageous and the orthodontist will use it under such circumstances to your advantage.


The braces will then be designed and fitted. Over the treatment time the braces will be regularly adjusted to gradually move the teeth into the correct positions.


When your braces are removed you will need to wear retainers. Retention is a vital part of treatment, as they keep the new positions of your teeth.


If you have any breakages or problems, please contact us for help or to arrange an emergency appointment.

When booking emergency appointments, we have to fit patients in where appointments are available.


Payment can be made by cheque, cash, debit card or credit card. The cost of independent orthodontic treatment ranges from £600 to £2000 dependent on the type of brace fitted. No deposit is required and we have various low cost finance arrangements. Please ask us for more details.

Other charges

Patient charges will apply if appliances are lost or broken or poor compliance and/or multiple breakages cause prolonged treatment time.