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Private orthodontic treatment– what to expect

The private consultation is a 45 minute appointment at a cost of £95. Complete records will be taken by one of our orthodontic therapists which may include impressions, x rays and photographs. Our specialist orthodontist Mr Pieter Van Heerden will then discuss his findings and all potential treatment options with you. Our treatment coordinator will talk you through the step by step process to getting you started. This will include a quote for your orthodontic treatment.

After the consultation you will receive a full written report in the post.


Your braces will then be designed and fitted to your teeth. Over the treatment time the braces will be regularly adjusted to gradually move your teeth into the correct positions.


When your braces are removed you will need to wear retainers. Fixed or removable retainers, consisting of a thin wire placed on the back of teeth, are advised. Retention is a vital part of treatment, as they keep the new positions of your teeth.


If you have any breakages or problems, please contact us for help or to arrange an emergency appointment. When booking emergency appointments, we have to fit patients in where appointments are available.


Examination costs are payable at the examination appointment. Payment can be made by cheque, cash, debit card or credit card. The cost of orthodontic treatment can vary from £300-£6,000 depending on treatment needs. The cost is divided into an initial deposit of approximately 15% of the total fee and the balance is paid by monthly standing order over either 12 or 24 months.

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