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At Harpenden Orthodontics, our team wants to ensure treatment is available for everyone. We are able to provide treatment for some patients under the NHS but also have options available for our independent and private patients. 

Here is some information on each of those options: 

NHS orthodontic treatment

On 1st April 2006 the Government introduced new arrangements for NHS orthodontic treatment which are designed to target treatment to those with greatest health need. We want you to be aware, before we see your child, that NHS treatment may not be available if the health need does not fit the new criteria. 

We currently have no NHS waiting list.

Due to restrictions in funding and regulations within the NHS, we have introduced an independent fee structure for affordable 'NHS equivalent' orthodontic treatment for those patients not eligible for NHS treatment. 

See our profile on the NHS Choices website

Independent orthodontic treatment

Independent treatment is for those patients who are not eligible for NHS treatment under the new government regulations which came into force on 1st April 2006. As a result, in certain mild cases where dental health is not affected, orthodontic treatment cannot be provided under the NHS. 

Independent treatment is an NHS equivalent service enabling us to provide the same level of service that we would provide for our eligible NHS patients at roughly the same cost to the Government. The difference is that, rather than a third party paying for the treatment, it is paid for by the parent / guardian. Availability of appointments and the use of materials and systems will be similar to those provided under the NHS. There are instances where the choice of a particular brace may be more advantageous and the orthodontist will use it under such circumstances to your benefit. 

Private orthodontic treatment

The private appointment is a 45 minute appointment at a cost of £95. Complete records will be taken by one of our orthodontic therapists which may include impressions, x-rays and photographs. Our specialist orthodontist, Mr Pieter Van Heerden, will discuss his findings and all potential treatment options with you. Our treatment coordinator will talk you through the step-by-step process to getting you started. This will include a quote for your orthodontic treatment.


Thank you for eberything you are doing in Maria’s treatment in such a short space of time, we are truly grateful, thank you.

Mrs and maria trueman

Smile 1

Thank you so much for the wonderful work that you have put into my treatment! Before I had braces I was very aware and self-conscious about smiling. I did not have nice teeth and would feel embarassed whenever I smiled. However, now that my treatment is finally finished I have the confidence to smile a huge smile. Although the process was quite long (because of the state of my teeth) it was definately well worth the wait.

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