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How to look after your braces

Looking after your braces

Brushing your teeth in the morning and evening, as well as after a meal or snack, is a vital part of good oral hygiene. This is because the mouth contains millions of bacteria that form plaque on the teeth, which causes tooth decay, bad breath and gum disease. 

If you are wearing braces, it’s even more important to maintain this oral hygiene routine as food can become stuck in the braces themselves. There are other things you need to do as well to ensure your braces remain in top condition while you’re wearing them.

To help you look after your braces we have put together some care packages depending on the type of braces you have fitted.

Removable braces

Removable braces can be taken out making brushing and flossing easier. This also means it’s easy to clean the braces themselves. Removable braces should be cleaned with a normal toothbrush and toothpaste and/or Retainer Brite. You can purchase a 'care pack' from our receptionist which includes a small toothbrush, a box of Retainer Brite and a box to keep your brace in when you’re not wearing it.

Fixed braces

Fixed braces are attached to the front or, in the case of Incognito self-lingual braces, the back of your teeth. This does increase the chances of food getting stuck in the brackets so keeping them clean is important. When your fixed brace has been fitted you can buy a 'care pack' from our receptionist. This contains special toothbrushes, disclosing tablets, fluoride mouthwash, special floss and lots more to help you look after your brace properly.

Whichever type of orthodontic appliance you are wearing it’s important you use a fluoride mouthwash daily and avoid any sugar and fizzy drinks.

On the day your brace is fitted our nurses will show you a short video explaining everything you need to know about the care of your brace. You will also be given 
information leaflets explaining how to look after your appliance and your teeth.

Information videos

Watch our information video on how to look after your braces.

Harpenden Orthodontics braces information video

Watch our information video on how to look after your braces.

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