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Orthodontic treatment for all the family

Orthodontic treatment for children

Child orthodontic treatmentIt’s never too early to take your child to an orthodontist. In fact, it is recommended children have an orthodontic assessment between the ages of seven and 11 while their teeth and jaws are still developing, as this can help identify any problems that may develop later on. It can also potentially reduce the need for significant orthodontic treatment in your child’s teenage years, thus saving your child the embarrassment of wearing braces and you money. Early intervention is also recommended to ensure good dental health overall. 


Orthodontic treatment for teens

Teen orthodontic treatmentIf your teenager needs orthodontic treatment, we’ll be able to reassure them they’re not alone. At Harpenden Orthodontics, many of our patients are teenagers. But gone are the days of clunky metal braces leaving you looking like train tracks are running over your teeth. These days, we have a range of braces available, such as Invisalign Teen, which won’t interfere with your lifestyle and could be so discreet that even your friends won’t know you’re wearing them.


Orthodontic treatment for adults

Adult  orthodontic treatment

More and more adults are turning to orthodontic treatment to straighten their teeth and improve their smile. That’s because technology is making it easier to wear orthodontic appliances that don’t affect your appearance. At Harpenden Orthodontics, Invisalign is a popular treatment among our adult patients for this very reason. The sets of aligners used in Invisalign treatment, which sit over your teeth, are virtually invisible. We also offer finance options, making orthodontic treatment more affordable than ever before.



Orthodontic technologies

At Harpenden Orthodontics, we are committed to using the latest technology for the benefit of our patients. This includes the Carriere Motion appliance, which provides that extra pressure required to move teeth into position.

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