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What our patients have to say

At Harpenden Orthodontics, it's not a case of one size fits all. Rather, we provide each patient with the individual treatment they need. Here is what some have said about their experience with us.

I am beyond thrilled with my 'new' teeth! Pieter, Amy and the team worked hard to create the perfect smile for me and I couldn't be happier with the final result. My one regret is not having had them done sooner!

Amy Martin

I wish I had put off my treatment for as long as I did. The team at Harpenden Orthodontics were fantastic - very attentive, knowledgable and I am so much better able to look after my teeth now.

Allison Gillham

I highly recommend Harpenden Orthodontics, everyone is so knowledgable, professional, friendly and caring. I feel so much better about my teeth now and I regularly get told how lovely my teeth look. Sometimes even by strangers. Thank you so much Harpenden Orthodontics!

Aimee Ford

I can't thank you enough for such great care and clear communication. It is making this hard decision easier and I feel like I am in safe hands with Pieter.

Sarah - 49 years old

I would highly recommend anyone needing treatment to come and see Pieter as he has a passion for what he does which supports his professional but friendly character. I was really impressed with his style of working and always felt comfortable during appointments, which is a must in my opinion.

Gary W - 33 years old

I think there is still some misconception that adults are too old to have orthodontic treatment. I think I am a good example of what can be achieved even in an older person with the expertise of a great orthodontist.

Stephanie M S - 50 years old

I have been totally amazed at what has been done. I can't express how good it feels to have changed my teeth. The difference it has made to my life is still being realised to me, but being able to smile is a priceless thing.

Linda H - 35 years old

I never imagined my teeth would look so good. I am so pleased with them, but now can't pass a mirror without having a quick glance and grin. Thank you so much for the magic you have worked on my teeth.

Tracey B - 36 years old

The impact on my confidence has been tremendous. Those who have known me for years have commented that the amazing difference is particularly noticeable when I smile. My husband, who initially said he had never minded my crooked teeth, is now impressed by the outcome and is pleased I went ahead with the wearing of a brace and all that it entailed. My dentist is also delighted, and has commented on the improvement in the health of my gums. Thank you so much for the transformation!

Shirley K - 64 years old

So worth the wait! I am delighted with my new smile. The staff and orthodontists at Harpenden Orthodontics were very kind, helpful and efficient. Thank you very much.

Jodie M – 15 years old

The treatment was great and so is the result, now I can smile without covering my mouth! Thank you.

Laura T – 17 years old

I did not expect to have the braces taken off after just 14 months and am very pleased. Thank you, my teeth look fantastic!

James R – 12 years old

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